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"Joy Visa are a very professional, reliable company! Thanks for the speedy service."
John Blake, 2013

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Please note that we are neither an Embassy of any country nor affiliated with any government agencies. "Joy Visa Services" is a privately owned Professional Visa Advisory service provider. For our advisory and premium customer services we charge fees in addition to Visa fees (if applicable and charged by the Embassy). Our services include assisting with correct completion of application forms, advising on required documentation and most importantly, saving you a lot of hassle and time by queuing up on your behalf. Please note that it is not mandatory to take our services as you will be able to apply for a visa on visiting the respective country's embassy. Please be aware that documentation and appointment requirements can be a complex procedure, details of which you will be able to obtain from the relevant embassy's website. To find out more details please visit our Embassies Info page.

Fast Track France Schengen Visa

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Fast-Track France Schengen Visa Section

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Please contact one of our advisors on 078 0942 4778 or email us at info@joyvisa.co.uk to find out more on how we will be able to assist you in expediting your Visa Application. For a small additional charge, and in most cases, we will be able to get your Visa processed within the same day to 3 working days. Fast track visa processing duration can vary depending upon the respective Embassy’s rules and regulations.

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